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Who We Are

Here at Tax Refund Loans we are dedicated to helping people with financial problems, and also are here to help educate people about being financially smart and responsible. Our focus is on Taxes, however, we stress overall financial education to help people become financially successful and not run into financial problems. Our goal is to help you become financially independent and successful, and not someone who must use our services often!

Here at Tax Refund Loans our team has put together some great resources to help you succeed financially. We always recommend that before using any financial product period you educate yourself about it and everything that has to do with it. We have put together our education section (https://taxrefundloans.org/finance-education-blog/) of our site to do just that! In our education section you will find everything from The Secret to Long-term Financial Success & The Ultimate Guide to Simple Savings and Investing to The New Tax Laws Guide & Things You Should Know Before Getting a Loan.  We highly recommend that you educate yourself on all these topics if you aren’t already!

Tax Refund Loans is the best place to get a cash advance using your tax refunds future income as your collateral, or when you are in a financial emergency and have nowhere else to turn!  We can connect you with lenders that offer up to $35,000 for any financial reason you might have. However, it is only ideal to use our services only as a last resort, when you have nowhere else to turn!

Our goal is to change the cash advance industry by focusing on financial education, and providing educational tools & advice to help people overcome any and all financial problems, and become financially successful!  By providing education about budgeting, planning, and being responsible with your finances, we are able to help people financially in many different ways! If someone does need our services, we will help guide them through the entire loan process to help make it as positive as possible!  We are always here to help during a short-term emergency, so feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or comments.  Also please make sure to check out our provided Education section to help with not only learning about loans that help in the short-term, but also about all the tips and tricks to long-term financial success as well!

Our Headquarters & Team

We are headquartered in beautiful Southern California. Our team works day and night to help make sure that you have someone there to help you financially, when no one else is there! Feel free to Contact Us anytime with any questions or comments as we would love to hear from you.

Our headquarters is located at:

14553 Delano St Suite 317, Van Nuys, CA 91411

(747) 666-5623

Thanks from the Team at Tax Refund Loans!