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Things you need to know when getting a loan online

The Things You Need to Know When Getting a Loan


Before you ever get a loan, or even think about applying for a loan, there are some things that you...

Ultimate Guide to Filing Taxes


-Updated February, 5th 2018 Tuesday, April 18th.  While you might not remember why you know this date, you will remember why...

financial health

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Financial Problems


Your Short-Term and Long-Term Financial Health is Very Important! There is a major differences when discussing short term and long-term...

Saving You Money on Your Taxes

Learn How the New Tax Laws Should Save You Significant Money & Time


In the United States of America, there were new tax laws passed that make major changes to core principles of...

top reasons for tax refund delays

Top Reasons Why Tax Refunds Are Delayed


Waiting for a tax refund that has been delayed can be a grueling experience, especially if you are counting on...

The New Tax Laws

The New Tax Laws that Were Passed in the United States.


The New Tax Law Recently Passed That Will Mostly Begin Next Tax Season, and NOT This Tax Season (2017’s Taxes)...

Checkout our Income Tax Checklist!

The Income Tax Checklist


Have you been searching for a checklist to help you prepair and organize to do your taxes this year?  Well...

Learn The Secret to Long-Term Financial Success Now!

The Secret to Long-Term Financial Success


The goal at Tax Refund Loans is to help people overcome financial troubles and be financially independent & stable!  To...

Simple Savings and Investing Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Simple Savings and Investing


Savings and Investing in the 21st century has becomes quite simple.  Everything has become pretty automated, and savings has now...

tax stats featured image

Tax Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind


Every year millions of Americans go over 10.1 million words of U.S. tax code. While millions of Americans pay taxes each...

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