Tax Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

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Every year millions of Americans go over 10.1 million words of U.S. tax code. While millions of Americans pay taxes each year, another million of these don’t. Tax evasion costs the Federal Government $458 Billion a Year.  This might be because the Government is only able to spend 35 cents of every $100 dollars collected due to inefficiencies. Whatever might be the case however, the tax deadline is fast approaching! That is why we have compiled some Crazy Tax Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind. To help take some stress off of your chest, by blowing your mind!  So sit-back, relax, and enjoy  these tax statistics!  Brought to you by Tax Refund Loans, the leader in refund advances online!

Tax stats that are crazy in an Infographic

As you can see above, there are some really crazy statistics when talking about taxes.  With our population in an uproar, these numbers, however surprising, are still more shocking than you would think.  Here is a quick breakdown of the above tax stats:

  • 8.9 Billion Hours Spent Going Over Federal Laws for Tax Purposes
  • Over 100 Pages of Instruction for just the 1040 Tax Form
  • Over 5,000 Changes on the Tax Code Have Been Made So Far in the 21st Century
  • 72% of People Qualify for Free Tax Assistance
  • 66% of People Got a Tax Refund Last Year

These general tax statistics are huge.  We can’t wait to show you some more detailed tax statistics in our next post that will make you drop your jaw even further!